Thursday, April 26, 2012

Answerable to who?

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Mengikut kamus hidup aku yang dipiawaikan oleh diri aku, jika anda mampu:

1. Deliver good job - which give benefits to people surround u.

2. Deliver that good job on time. Use time wisely.

3. Jangan curi masa main FB, blogging, berborak, skype, etc.
    Jangan menyalahgunakan harta benda pejabat seperti telefon, mesin fotostat, dll.

4. Use all source (man, machine and money) wisely without any waste.

5. Committed and responsible.

6. Give and encourage your staff to go excellent. Excellent together.

7. No bad and back biting to others.

8. Your Work not a reason for you to delay your praying time.

9. Not such an annoying superior or sub-ordinates.

10. Be the best among the best.

11. No 'red' mark at your attendance record.

So, with all the criteria above... are we classified as an excellent person?
if people judge you excellent, then again you need to question yourself, 'are you excellent enough in Allah's view?'
It just because.... we are answerable to Allah , not only to our boss (es). 

nota:study case:
boss no.1
boss no.2 - answerable to boss no.1
staff no.1 - answerable to boss no.2 and boss no. 1
staff no.2 - answerable to staff no.1 and boss no.2  

when staff no.2 too closed with boss. no.2, and show no respect to staff no.1 as their immediate superior, so what should staff no.1 do/react/ 'tenyeh' the prestasi to that staff no.2 when the boss no.2 already tag team with that staff no.2.  hoccay... bincangkan.

so my answer is very easy.... I am answerable to Allah , not only to my boss .

case closed ^_^ hehehe... hoccay?

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