Tuesday, July 26, 2022

What is your secret with Allah ?

Dear myself.

Have a good secret between you and Allah.

Something that you are doing on the side, that no one else knows anything about it.

Just you and Allah.

and, tell yourself; 

"I want this things (deed) come out when I meet Allah on the day of judgement".

So, what' s your secret?

What is the thing, that when you meet Allah, "your happiest" gonna to come out?

like you are ready to say.

"Ya Allah, I'm ready for it now. Alhamdulillah, this is only between me and you. I used to do this when YOU re watching me. Here it is. This is my secret with you ya Allah".

Allahuakbar - such a deep reminder by imam omarsulaiman.

What is our preparation to meet Allah.

How many good deeds we do sincerely just for the sake of Allah not for the sake of likes, content on social media.

Insaf sangat. 

What is my secret


Semoga sempat untuk mempunya secret with Allah.

Semoga Huda dapat masuk syurga Allah tanpa hisab.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Braving the Storms

China’s structural slowdown, deleveraging of the real estate sector and CoViD-19 resurgence amidst zeroCOVID policies, could dampen regional exports.

Growth is expected to slow down both in China, because of the structural slowdown and regulatory regime change.

Structural factors:

1) Demographic factors 

- rapid slowdown in world population growth

- gradual aging of the world population

2) Declining TFP (total factory productivity)

3) Increasing inequality in income and wealth distribution

4) Other factors depressing aggreagte demand:

 - gradual exhaustion of the globalization

 - consolidation of new employment models: less job stability.

A structural slowdown, is a more deep-rooted phenomenon that occurs due to a one-off shift from an existing paradigm. The changes, which last over a long-term, are driven by disruptive technologies, changing demographics, and/or change in consumer behaviour.

Cyclical slowdown in US:

1) Unemployment reaching record low.

2) wage inflation before the slowdown.

3) decreasing interest rates and flat yield curve due to monetary accommodation.

4) monetary policy with enough space to act; fiscal policy less effective.

A cyclical slowdown is a period of lean economic activity that occurs at regular intervals. Such slowdowns last over the short-to-medium term, and are based on the changes in the business cycle. Generally, interim fiscal and monetary measures, temporary recapitalisation of credit markets, and need-based regulatory changes are required to revive the economy

3 shock in economy:

1) A monetary policy shock in the U.S.

Financial conditions in the US are of particular significance for developing EAP countries, especially those like Malaysia which rely more on short term capital flows. The risk of capital outflows, which could put pressure on their currencies, could induce premature financial tightening. A monetary policy shock in the U.S., assumed to increase interest rates by at least 25 basis points, is likely to hurt growth.

2) Specific shocks to economic activity in China.

Construction, constrained by efforts potentially to reduce leverage, 

industry, by efforts potentially to reduce emissions; and 

services, constrained by efforts to control CoViD-19 and monopolistic providers, 

are each a significant destination for EAP value added.

3) Shocks emanating from the war in Ukraine and the related sanctions



Sunday, March 27, 2022

Cara mudah Daftar Akaun Emas Public Gold - PERCUMA

Jom sis kongsi step by step, Daftar Percuma Akaun Public Gold secara percuma sahaja.

🔷 Daftar Akaun Emas Public Gold Percuma di link ni.


🔷Pastikan tick kat ruangan ni:

✅ Generate PG Code

✅ Subscribe to newsletter

🔷 Click SUBMIT

🔷 tunggu sekejap, nanti akan papar PG code tuan/puan.

boleh take note ya.

🔷 PG juga akan hantar PG code di emel yang tuan/puan daftarkan.

🔷 Selepas create username, buat activation akaun dengan menekan link dihantar melalui sms atau email.

🔷 Sila ke website Public Gold untuk login. 


Dan buat transaksi pertama anda dalam tempoh 24jam selepas pendaftaran akaun.

Note :
Account will be automatically freeze if there is no valid order within 24 hours.

Anda boleh memilih untuk membuat:

1) belian pertama emas fizikal (outright purchasr secara full payment atau EPP);



2) pembelian di akaun GAP.

Click icon MY GAP pada menu bar.

🔷 Untuk bimbingan/pembacaan lanjut pembelian GAP boleh refer link berikut:


🔷 Untuk bimbingan/pembacaan lanjut pembelian emas fizikal (outright purchase) boleh refer link berikut:


🎁Claim dari saya hadiah voucher RM10 untuk belian pertama emas fizikal anda ya. 🤗

Sementara voucher masih ada.

Siapa cepat dia dapat.

Semoga bermanfaat.

Perlukan bimbinagan lanjut, roger je saya anytime ya. InshaAllah.


Kongsi Nota Ilmu byHudaSani boleh baca kat sini ya.