Friday, December 26, 2008

u can make a different...

again, afta 10 years, w r back in dis recession time... and da economic view said dis is the worse situation wanna share some infor regarding the fact and figure...
just wanna remind u n me to be more carefull when spending ur money+bonus+profit sharing bla..bla..bla.. well we can make a different...rite????

Happy New Year 1430 Hijrah and 2009....
May Allah bless us...

Consumer Price Index (CPI) for January to November 2008 increased by 5.5 per cent to 111.4 compared with that of 105.6 in the same period last year. Compared with that of the same month in 2007, the CPI for November 2008 registered an increase of 5.7 per cent from 106.8 to 112.9 and when compared with the previous month, the CPI decreased by 1.1 per cent.
Among the contributing factor to this decline is the reduction in the price of petrol and diesel announced by the Government effective on 1st November and 18th November 2008.

The Coincident Index (CI), a measure of current economic activity, decreased by 0.1% in September 2008 registering at 123.6 points. Negative change was recorded by Index of Industrial Production (-0.3%), real salaries & wages (-0.2%) and real sales in manufacturing sector (-0.1). The six-month smoothed growth rate of CI remain positive at 0.2% in the current month.
The Leading Index (LI) moved up 0.8% to reach 158.8 points in September 2008 as compared to 157.5 points in the previous month. Two out of the eight existing components posted an increase, namely, real money supply, M1 (0.8%) and number of housing permits approved (0.8%). The six-month smoothed growth rate of LI recorded an increase of 1.2% in the current month.
The recent trend of the LI six-month smoothed growth rate indicates that the Malaysian economy is expected to sustain its slow growth in the month ahead.

source: department of statistics.

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