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Soal Hati - Riya' + takbur

“No one knows about riya’ except the one who is sincere.
No one knows about hypocrisy except the believer.
No one knows about ignorance except the scholar.
No one knows about sinning except the obedient one.”

The most feared diseases if we come to these penyakit of Riya'. Nauzubillah… May Allah give us strength to continuously be in the right path, and with His Bless. May Allah keep us away from this bad disease.

Berkawanlah dengan kawan2 yang baik yang dapat bagi peringatan pada kita bila2 kita terlalai dan terleka…

Sedikit untuk peringatan diri sendiri:

Article: Different Type of Riya' by SuhaibbWebb.

The first is ar-riya’ fid-deen bil badan:

To show off in the matter of religion with your body. For example, you come to a group of people and your eyes look like you’ve got sandbags under them.

The brothers ask you, “What’s wrong?”

You say in an exhausted voice, “Oh, I’m really tired.”

They ask, “Why are you tired?”

“Oh I don’t know.”“Why are you so tired? Have you been praying qiyam al-layl (late night prayers)?”“Oh, how did you know?”

The second type of riya’ is ar-riya’ bil hayla.

Hayla means al-hal, how you carry yourself. Riya’ in the way you carry yourself. This is different than the body. The body means that you’re trying to make your body reflect a religious act that you’re doing. This one is similar but it also involves how you’re walking, how you talk and so forth.

For example, in the time of Umar radi allahu `anhu (may Allah be pleased with him) he was walking down the street and he saw a man walking.

The man was walking hunched over, muttering, “Istaghfir Allah, istaghfir Allah (I seek refuge in Allah, I seek refuge in Allah).”

Umar (ra) went to that man and said, “Fearing Allah and humbleness before Allah is not in your manner of walking, but it is in your heart. Stop walking like that.”

Sometimes it’s really bad. Another example would be having a mark on one’s forehead from praying. Imam Maalik, subhan’Allah, he used to try not to have a black mark on his forehead. But in some places people buy onions and rub it on their heads to make this mark. Then when you see them you think, “Subhan’Allah, this guy is a big shaykh (scholar).” In fact that guy might really be nothing. But they do that to impress people.

This is very dangerous. Like the black ant on the black rock in the black night.

The third is ar-riya’ bil qawl:

showing off by your words. This is the easiest one. An example of this would be when we hear people talking, we jump in and say, “Oh, I know the answer!” Or “My shaykh said this!” Or “I know this and that!” Then we throw the words out thinking we will dazzle the people, like fireworks, and they’ll think we’re so smart.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak if you know about the subject. If you have knowledge, you should speak, but make sure you know why you’re speaking. Hasan al Basri said, “For forty years I made no movement except that I knew why. Even drinking water, I knew why. When I walked I knew why. When I spoke I knew why.” Subhan’Allah, look at the control he had of himself. But this riya’ is very dangerous, especially in the MSA (Muslim Students Association) environment. We’re young, our hormones are hot, and we want to show people, “I’m a shaykh, I studied, I learned, I’m this and that.” Be humble with yourself.

It’s like when the man came to the Prophet saw in Madinah.

He asked, “Where’s Muhammed?”

The Prophet saw responded, “I’m here.”

And the man immediately took shahada.

When people used to come and see Umar (ra) they would find him sleeping under a tree. No security guards. The Romans would come and be shocked, asking, “Is this really Umar?” Yes, that was the leader of the Muslims sitting under a tree. Anyone could go and talk to him, because he was humble.

So, in your words do you try to show people that you know? Or when you speak do you speak for the sake of Allah (swt)?

... full article can read further HERE . ..

sekian, semoga bermanfaat...stay tune, stay allive, stay healthy, stay happy and stay away from masalah okay...

love - nhhas...


  1. Allah ya Allah..teringat kata-kata seorang ustaz yang ummi baca, riya' ni sering bermain dihati manusia, bila ada lintasan riya',cepat-cepatlah istighfar,dan biasakan diri merasa kurang berbanding orang lain, baru hati lebih tawadhuk, semoga jadi peringatan buat kita bersama, insyaAllah.

  2. mudah2an dilindungi Allah dari syirik kecil yang kadang2 tak kita sedari..


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