Monday, September 26, 2016

Purpose of life and the meaning of happy life

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh ...

Hyedie Odie ... Apa khabar semua ...

Harini tiba-tiba rasa nak sembang tentang life issue ... hi hi hi. Tak ada motif ... Saja ... Jom layan ...

What is the purpose of life and the meaning of happy life to you?

Well I guess - People who are defined their lives as happy and meaningful were the ones who never worry to set wealth/money, social status as their life purpose. MAYBE.

As for me - happy life is when I woke up early in the morning in a best state of Iman insya Allah, where I can:
  • be grateful and thankful to Allah that I'm still alive to carry on with my duty as HIS caliph in this dunya - SINCERELY, 
  • Still fortunate and bless with work to be done - and be paid for it (Hahaha...), 
  • the chances for forgiveness and a hope to be forgiven. 
  • Still having perfect 5 senses to enhance a good life.  
  • Happy family.
  • Have good and trusted friends. 
  • Have enough money to survive and help people in need, 
  • etc. etc. etc.

But sometimes, I'm still not firm with what I REALLY WANT in life (despite the 100 wishlist (read here) , dan 25 akta kegembiraan (read here)  - sila jangan ambil serious sangat ye) ...

But i guess, it is  important to discover these things (life goals) when we are still young, because :
 the earlier we set out the life goals, 
the soonest we can plan on how we want our lives to be, 
the chances of the successful rate will be better.
Insya Allah.

gittew teorinya.

Once we are aware of these things, Insya Allah, we are able to escape the ‘rat-race’ in our life. In many situation and condition - we often worry about things that are less important. #RisauTAkNaikPangkat #RisauMAluKenaBOOdenganBudakBatch.

Ye ke diaorang kisah? Sebenarnya tak pun. 
Actually what a person thinks as important in his/her life/ career, may not be important to others. If you're target to something like social recognition in life/ career, (nak orang puji + nak glamer bla bla bla) - sometimes or most likely you'll fail or truly disappointed, because the one you are trying to impress is just a small pieces out of the 7 billion worldwide population, whereas people outside your field will not care much about your position in your organization. #AdaAkuKesahDer...

People concerned on how you can give benefit to others as well as nature and all its contents.
Their concerned is on how much you have touched their lives. 

Isunya - mampu ke nak penuhi dan gembirakan semua orang?

So tak yah serious sangat. Chillex and Move On. Have faith in Allah.  

Do your Best and Allah will complete the REST for you in the best way and at the right time. Insya Allah.

So, what is the the purpose of life and de meaning of happy life to you?

Tag your buddy and let us share our opinion. 

As usual - saya suka nak tag mereka-mereka (Kak Zakie, Sal, Kak Nohas, Kak Farrah FAMF Tower... )  ini sebab mereka sporting and  always share a good reminder to keep me awake and feel bless.  Tapi asyik tag mereka je - nanti mereka marah pula. Hi hi hi ... So it's okay ;-)

Till then people ... wish you have a beautiful and bless day ahead.

(Nouman Ali Khan)

Semoga bermanfaat.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Muslimah Clothing Warehouse Sale

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh ...

adik kakak ... masuk masuk kasik rapatkan saf.

Ni ahkak nak bagitau ni (walaupun dah agak lewat) ...

Muslimah Clothing (MCC) LINK HERE  tengah buat warehouse sale yang tahap gaban punya murah.  

Korang kalau nak baju cantik + patuh syariah + pada harga murah = silalah terjah.

Sebab dia adalah SALE yang tahap IMPAK MAKSIMA - Maka  size kegemaran ramai banyak dah SOLD OUT.

Sila segera k.

Antara yang akak suka dan borong macam #duniainianayangpunya  adalah SKIRT dan BLOUSE.

Harga dari RM47.00

ni blouse TUNIC 
Cari kat TOP/ TUNIC k

Ni my all time faveret.
tapi dah tinggal size 2XL.

Seterusnya kalau korang nak beli SKIRT cantik SILA CLICK LINK SINI ... Ni semua faveret ahkak lah yang ahkak share ... hi hi hi ...
Harga dari RM47.00




Seterusnya ialah CARDIGAN ... Click SINI untuk pemilihan CARDIGAN  
Harga dari RM47.00

Dan banyak lagi ...

ada JUBAH / ABAYA CANTIK - Click LINK ABAYA untuk usha ...
harga dari RM97.00



Harga dari RM57.00 sahaja.



Sebenarnya banyak lagi koleksi - tapi ahkak dah tak larat nak paste gambo - abes data plan ahkak ... kih kih kih ...
tapi demi uols - ahkak gagahkan juga sebahagiannya...

maka - jangan bertangguh ...SILA LAH BERSHOPPING DI Muslimah Clothing (MCC) LINK HERE  

Semoga bermanfaat.


Pssst .... I'm MCC loyal fan - see below - ahkak telah memborong 11 helai baju ketika sale 50% itu hari ...

Ni owner MCC - sister Fiza.
Bagi ahkak - MCC ni owner dia sangat pemurah.
Suka bagi sale level KAW KAW murah.
Suka bagi free item. Dia bagi free perfume lah, jubah lah, tudunglah.
Ikut suka ati dia je bagi free kat customer macam-macam.
Bukan rejected item okay.
Sempena birthday dia ke or Mothers Day haritu - MCC bagi FREE tudung kat semua ibu2 yang datang kat butik MCC di Shah Alam, walaupun datang tak beli apa-apa...
Kau rasa??? 

Kalau buat contest - hadiah dia - hebat-hebat...
Jubah lah, tiket kapal terbanglah ...
fuyoooo ...

Akak pun ada banyak free item dari MCC - Perfume + Jubah yang berharga beberapa ratus.
So far selain Humaira Design - MCC adalah yang paling ahkak suka.

Produk MCC ni memanglah tak semua ahkak suka. Sebab ada je material dia yang agak out.  Contoh jubah masa raya haritu yang ada LACE satin tu. Ada yang okay - ada yang berbulu. So they take note on that lah. (diaorang ni sangat positif dalam menerima teguran).
  Tapi ahkak berani jamin 90% produk MCC ahkak suka dan berkualiti - Insya Allah. 

Since ahkak duduk dekat je ngan outlet bangi - sebelum borong online - akak g usha dulu physically.  Walau boleh beli direct kat outlet MCC Bangi - ahkak suka beli online sebab beli online dapat point.  ha ha ha.  point tu boleh ditebus untuk pembelian akan datang ... #Ilike.

Kepada team MCC ... All the best. Semoga terus sukses dan dimurahkan rezeki.
Moga istiqamah dalam memberi kebaikan agar korang dilimpahi banyak kebaikan pula. Insya Allah.

Pssss: kekalkan harga patut k.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Penyelamat saya ... #mungkinSaja

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh ...

Selfnote .
Self reminder .

Susahnya nak jadi baik.
#Doakan Saya plisss.

Significance of Good Deeds:

You have returned home and you are tired, you have carried groceries required at home....suddenly your mum asks : " have you brought me milk?!"
Smile and tell her "give me a minute I will go and get you some!"
maybe the prayer she will pray for you could be the one to save you....!

Your dad says" So and so! Come and take me to the doctor, I have an appointment" reply "Alright"....He says to you "May Allah bless you"......
This could be that which will save you......!

You are praying, and your baby is playing next to you, and all of a sudden jumps on your back while you are in Sijda position ...! Don't be upset be patient, and prolong your Sijda for that,....
this could be that which will save you.....!!

You quench a tired worker's thirst by offering glass of cold water ...
 this could be that which will save you.

You place grains of rice where birds can eat.
This could be that which will save you....!!

You find dirt along your way and you remove it...
this could be that which will save you.....!!

You give left over food to the cats for them to eat.....
This could be that which will save you....!!

A person provokes you and you say "May Allah forgive you"... 
this could be that which will save you......!!

You are reading a verse from the Quran and a tear falls from your eye......
👉 this could be that which might save you.....!!

You pass by and find youngsters disobeying Allah, you stop to give them Daawah and counsel them.
👉 this could be that which will save you.

You see a woman revealing her lower your gaze and make istighfar...
👉 this could be that which will save you. ...!!

Someone annoys you and you want to punch him then you remember Allah's words.....
<And those who hold their anger and forgive people.....> you control your anger and forgive...
this could be that which will save you.

You get to know of someone's shameful act and you don't spread that information but keep it to yourself...
this could be that which will save you !!

I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship but Allah alone, he has no associates........
If you save an ant from drowning in water...
then this act won't go in vain in front of Allah SWT. ....

We don't know which small deeds which we don't bear in mind could be the ones to speak for us on the day of judgement!!  therefore don't look down upon any good deed.

*always keep repeating to yourself in speech of a good deed you intend to do .... this could be that which will save you then you will see how your life will be transformed.....!!

Allow me to circulate this information. I don't know ....this could be that which will save me ...

Semoga bermanfaat.