Monday, September 3, 2018

Chapter 9/2018 : The final lap


It has been a year alhamdulillah since I started my journey back to school again. As I take the 'walk-of-life' as a student, meeting new people from variance of age, background and attitude, I then learnt again that there is purpose for everyone that I met in this collection of #135harimencaricinta.  I discovered AGAIN along the way who mattered to me the most, who will always be dear to my heart, dear to my prayer, Insha Allah, and who are no longer does.

Its a lesson learnt that in our life, we will meet with
Someone who will test us,
Someone who will use us,
Someone who will teach us,
Someone who hate us for no valid reason,
Someone who will always misjudge us,

We will meet a lotttt of unexpected makcik pakcik adik kakak abang BAWANG. Okay the bawang's family .... 

But in thousands of soul that we met, no matter how many of them bring negativity and sadness to us, there will always be a person or two
who will admire us,
who will adore us,
who will be inspired with and by us without we know who they are.

They will keep us in their prayer for small things that we did that sometimes we're not even remember about it.
They get inspired by the way we react to all the test that we face.
They adore us the way we forgive others.
They will admire us the way we tried to move on from all sort of life issues that we face.
They will be motivated again by the simple word that we've said even tho we're just mumbling nonsense things around sometimes.... hahaha.

One thing for sure, every soul that we've met along these journey of life will make a lasting impression on us.

There are someone who will always be by our side.

The most important are the ones who bring out the best in us, respect us and accept us for who we are.

Those are the ones worth keeping around.

So my point here are ....

Do not give up
Do not lose hope
Never lose trust

You can't have silver linings without a cloud.

Selamat menempuh semester ketiga dan semoga ini semester terakhir buat saya dan Allah rezekikan saya lulus sempurna. Insha Allah.
Semoga tiada lagi drama air mata.
Semoga tiada lagi hirisan hati yang terluka.
Semoga Huda lulus pengajian semester ketiga dengan direzekikan A bagi capstone project dan satu lagi subjek yang akan diambil samada data management atau siri masa.
Semoga Huda beroleh ilmu yang berkat dan bermanfaat untuk ummat,
Semoga Huda lulus Masters in DSA ini on time with flying colors....
Insha Allah ... Allahumma aameen...

Oh by the way I'm gonna missed my study buddy very much ....
My study buddy is a gift from Allah ....
Whenever I was totally down,
Whenever I was totally lose hope to stand up and proceed with my study,
Allah sent him and them as a gift  to accompany me along the way for the last two semester.
But he will not be around this semester.
But one thing for sure .... Allah kan sentiasa ada.
Put your trust on Allah.
Semoga Allah mudahkan laluan dan urusan kita semua.
Insha Allah.


oh by the way happy belated birthday to me 31.08.2018 (*_*)

Sampai kita bertemu di syurga NYA.



assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh


  1. Happy belated birthday..semoga apa yg berlaku Allah beri kekuatan hati, fikiran dan juga emosi..

    Selamat menempuh semester akhir dengan jayanya..

  2. happy belated birthday... dahs emester akhir da? semoga berjaya menempuhinya hingga ke akhir...aminn

  3. hepu belated birthday huda.,

    rabbi yaasir walla tuwassir., aminn


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