Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Daily Reminder 2 : Shoot for the moon (by Mufti Ismail Menk)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh ...
Dikongsikan catatan ringkas dari The Daily Reminder Conference (29&30 aug.2015) yang lalu.
Semoga ada manfaat yang dapat di kangsi bersama.

Buat Sister Yona - Semoga Allah merahmati mu sentiasa dunia dan akhirat, Insya Allah.

30 Aug. 2015 (15 Zulkaedah 1436H)
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For more remainder of the day, 
Insya Allah.

INSPIRED? then immediately take action! only within a few hours after listening to an inspirational talk the motivation decrease and then after 48 hours it diminished completely!

When Allah s.w.t. make you listen to 'the messages'....take it seriously...it is NOT a coincidence...the messages are meant for you....this is part of Allah's plan.

The same hadith mentioned by sh.omar el banna in his talk titled 'ALL IT TAKES' was also mentioned by mufti menk but with different emphasis)...... RasulAllah s.a.w. said: 'Then HELP me to HELP you achieve this for you by devoting yourself often to prostration' " (Sahih Muslim) = 'if you want jannah with me do something about it! 'IF YOU WANT PARADISE..YOU MUST WORK HARD FOR IT!!!

 (Analogy) payment for paradise
  • Solat is part of our payment .
  • Stay away from sin is part of our payment.
  • 'Do' the compulsory then 'do' the voluntary is also part of our payment.
  • If we missed the payments we might lose the house!!!

How many years are.. the balance of our life? 

Material world is taking over our life so badly and before we know it,  life comes to an abrupt end.

Just imagine meeting with Allah and Allah asked; " I've given you 60 years of your life and you have not put aside part of it to understand my word?

Purify our knowledge. Don' be trick by syaitan. Syaitan is very focus - he will create reasons for you not to attempt and excel in understanding Allah's words.  If we got trick and then we die, and then if we end up in hellfire (na uu zubillah) and we are ask:
  • 'Why didn't you understand the book of Allah to protect yourselves?
  • Who give you these days?
  • How can you didn't read my book..not even a page of translation per day?!'
Therefore, do make it a priority/ an aim to understand the words of Allah (ie. al quran) ; so we will be able to answer:
  • 'yes, I didn't do it because You prohibit it ,
  • 'yes, I did it because You order me to do it'. (ie. we are following Allah's order and NOT following trend).

Aim high but do not be impatient.
 Seeking knowledge involves 'struggle and effort' , 'sacrifice time, money and energy'.

We must also work hard to get our provisions in this world. RasullAllah s.a.w. want us to work hard and with the best of quality.

The hadith : A man from the Ansar came to the Prophet s.a.w. and begged from him. The Prophet said, “Have you nothing in your house?” The man said, “Yes, a piece of cloth, a part of which we wear and a part of which we spread on the ground, and a wooden bowl from which we drink water.” The Prophet said, “Bring them to me.” The man brought these articles to him and the Prophet took them in his hands and he said, “Who will buy these?” Someone said, “I will buy them for one coin.” The Prophet said twice or thrice, “Who will offer more than one coin?” Someone said, “I will buy them for two coins.” He sold them for two coins and the Prophet said, “Buy food with one of them and give it to your family. Buy an axe and bring it to me.” The man brought it to him. The Prophet fixed a handle on it with his own hands and he said, “Go gather firewood and sell it, and do not let me see you for a fortnight.” The man went away and gathered firewood and sold it. When he had earned ten coins, he came and bought a garment and food. The Prophet said, “This is better for you than for begging to come as a spot on your face on the Day of Resurrection. Begging is correct only for three people: One in severe poverty, one in severe debt, and one who must pay a difficult compensation.” (Abu Dawud).

Many of the companions of the Prophets were very very rich :
eg. Abdul Rahman bin Auf. He was very rich in Mekah and when he make hijrah to Madinah he had to leave ALL his wealth in Mekah. BUT then he started all over again and become very very rich again.

We have to work hard. don't be lazy.
Most of our children nowadays are very lazy. they want to relax BUT they want to be rich?! and the TV, electronic games, especially smart phone (without control) are great 'fitnah'! AND do not expect the children be good (to work hard, don' watch TV much, not playing games much and abusing their smart phones) if parents themselves is not good.

When you 'aim high' you don't care much about 'PETTY things'.
eg. why am I not invited to the wedding, why this.., why that...RasulAllah s.a.w. was not even invited to Abdul Rahman bin Auf 's wedding! and no problem about it!  RasulAllah s.a.w. find out about it only when he saw some marks on him as stated in the hadith.

  • If you aim is jannah ; your boss is Allah;
  • Aim high for both ..this world and the hereafter;
  • What do we aim to leave in this world? and more important is what do we aim to take with us when we go?!!! - THINK AND ACT!!
Semoga bermanfaat - Insya Allah.


  1. syukran..amar makruf, nahi mungkar..

  2. Kelihatan mudah tapi itulah mendidik hati yg kecil ini tidak semudah mendengar dan membaca saja. Kena ada kekuatan dlm diri itu sendiri - IMAN.

  3. "If you aim is jannah ; your boss is Allah" ... suka statement ni :)

    Tq sbb share info :)

  4. Entri pembuka mata. Thanks kerana sudi berkongsi dan saling mengingatkan.
    Always shoot for the moon. If you miss, you'll land among the stars.

  5. so bukan mudah nak masuk syurga..perlu ada 'bayaran'...bagaimana nk byr jika x de 'duit'..sob sob sob...peringatan utk diri sendiri juga

    1. takde 'duit'? ... deep.

      terkesima jap, peringatan untuk sendiri gak ni :)


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