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Al-Quran: Summary of Juz 12

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JUZ - 12

This summary of the twelfth juzz covers frm Surah Hud ayah 6 to Surah Yusuf ayah 52.

Beginning of the Twelfth Juz

Sûrah Hûd follows Sûrah Yunus and contains the incidents of many a past nation, describing the punishments that afflicted them because of their disbelief.

Thereafter the Sûrah illustrates the scene of Qiyâmah and the rewards and punishment to be received by various classes of people.

Allâh introduces the Sûrah by saying, "This is a Book, the verses of which have been consolidated and then expounded (coming from) The Wise, The Informed."

Proceeding further, Allâh says, "The responsibility for sustaining every creature on earth rests with Allâh." Allâh then describes how He created the universe. Allâh challenges man to produce Sûrahs the like of those in the Qur'ân if they feel that the Qur'ân is an invention of Rasulullâh.
However, even if they have to call everyone to their assistance, they will never be able to compose anything like the Qur'ân.

May Allâh grant us all the ability to appreciate all the bounties that He has granted us and may He include us among His grateful servants. May Allâh also grant us the Tawfîq to heed His every instruction and may He save us from arrogance and pride. Âamîin.

Allâh states, "And to the Âd We sent their brother Hûd (as a Nabî)." Just as the people of Prophet Nûh remained stubborn in disbelief, the people of Prophet Hûd did the same. Instead of listening to the message of Tawhîd, the Âd exclaimed "Who is more powerful than us?" They were eventually destroyed.

The nation of Thamud followed them. When they refused to accept the message of Prophet Sâlih Alayhis Salâm Allâh's punishment destroyed them as well.

Mention is then made of the people of Prophet Lût who were extremely lewd and immoral. As a result of their depravity, they also suffered the same fate as their sister nations before them.

 Thereafter, Allâh mentions the preaching of Prophet Shu'ayb Alayhis Salâm to the people of Madyan, and then Allâh mentions the preaching of Prophet Mûsa Alayhis Salâm to Fir'aun and his people.

After citing all these incidents Allâh says, "Such is the grasp of your Rabb when He seized a town that is oppressive. Indeed His grasp is painful and severe." (verse 102)

Addressing Rasulullâh Sallallâhu 'alayhi wasallam Allâh says further, "We narrate to you all the narratives of the Ambiyâ so that your heart may be strengthened by them. In these narratives the truth has come to you, as well as advice and a reminder for the Mu'minîn." (verse 120)

Allâh then concludes Sûrah Hûd by saying, "To Allâh belongs the unseen things of the heavens and the earth and unto Him alone will all matters return. So worship Him and rely on Him only. Your Rabb is not unaware of what you do." (verse 123)

Sûrah Yusuf follows Sûrah Hûd. Rasulullâh Sallallâhu 'alayhi wasallam was not aware of the story of Prophet Yusuf so the Jews decided to test his prophethood by, asking him about this story. They thought that he would be unable to narrate the story to them. However, Allâh revealed Sûrah Yusuf to Rasulullâh Sallallâhu 'alayhi wasallam thereby stunning the Jews with its detailed account.

As a youth, Prophet Yusuf once saw in a dream that eleven stars, the sun and the moon were prostrating before him. The eleven stars denoted his eleven step‑brother, while the sun and moon denoted his parents.

When he informed his father Prophet Yaqûb, about the dream, his father advised him not to relate the dream to his brothers because they would be jealous and then become his sworn enemies.

His brothers had always been jealous of Prophet Yusuf and finally threw him in a well one day, making the excuse to their father that a wolf had devoured him.

Some travellers took him out of the well and sold him as a slave to the chief minister of Egypt.

The minister's wife was infatuated with Prophet Yusuf's beauty and attempted to seduce him. When he refused to respond to her charms, she had him imprisoned.

While in prison he accurately interpreted the dreams of two fellow inmates. When one of them was released, he (after some time) referred the king's dream to Prophet Yusuf who interpreted it correctly and even provided a solution for the problem at hand.

As a result, Hadhrat Yusuf became a trusted advisor to the king and practically ruled Egypt.

End of the Twelfth Juz


  1. oo..patutlah cerita ttg Nabi Yusuf sangat detail dlm surah ni...very flowing..

    tafsir mimpi raja jd asas pengurusan ekonomi negara..

    1. sebab nabi Allah Yusuf menafsirkan mimpi itu dengan tepat - dengan izin Allah.


      simbolik yang saya faham... masa senang/ mewah - jangan membazir - sebab lepas tu akan datang masa susah - contoh masa senang - kena lah ada saving - jangan di bazir2kan... hihihi... wallahualam...


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