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The Daily Reminder 4 : DAIRY OF AN OPTIMIST

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh ...
Dikongsikan catatan ringkas dari The Daily Reminder Conference (29&30 aug.2015) yang lalu.
Semoga ada manfaat yang dapat di kangsi bersama.

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30 Aug.2015 (15 Zulkaeddah 1436H):

  1. The most 'optimist genius' ever walk on earth is Muhammad s.a.w. :
Despite being an orphan, suffered loss of his loves ones (parents, grandparents, beloved uncle, wife, children) thrown out by his people but he was still a caring neighbour!
Despite being pelted with stone during the 'taif incident'..he still make beautiful doa for the people of taif and their offsprings.
We can be optimist & successful  if we follow the manual of Muhammad s.a.w.

  1.  Three (3) steps to be an optimist:
Step 1 - look at everything from a positive angle. after all life is about perception.
·         'Thomas Edison said, 'I have not failed. I just found out 1000 ways why it does not work'.
Step 2- render gratitude.
·         The fact that I have clean water to drink, a family, value little things in life etc.
·         (14:7)'If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe'.
·         'render gratitude' by obeying Allah = stay away from what prohibited.
·         'render gratitude' by staying in good thought zone. the Prophet s.a.w. said,
“Allah the Most High said, ‘I am as My servant thinks (expects) I am. I am with him when he mentions Me. If he mentions Me to himself, I mention him to Myself; and if he mentions Me in an assembly, I mention him in an assembly greater than it. If he draws near to Me a hand’s length, I draw near to him an arm’s length. And if he comes to Me walking, I go to him at speed.' (hadith qudsi).

A beautiful story of gratitude told by the speaker 
(read here : Story of Gratitude)

 .... So, the righteous man, Abdullah, peered in and saw a very old man. The man had no hands and was blind. On top of that, he was paralyzed. All he was saying as he sat there was:
الحمد لله الذي فضلني على كثير من عباده تفضيلا
“All Praise is due to Allah who has preferred me (in blessings) to so many of His slaves.”

Step 3 - cultivate and live in a positive environment.
·         Start with getting rid of all the 'crabs' in our life (negative people, things)
·         - keep things simple (minimalistic). de clutter your mind. mind that are so occupied can not concentrate.

May Allah make it easy for us to be an optimist. aamiin...

Buat Sister Yona - Semoga Allah merahmati mu sentiasa dunia dan akhirat, Insya Allah. ...

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  9. Menjadi seorang yang optimis perlu jadi salah satu daripada target harian kita kan,...


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