Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Unique - Am I?

In everyone’ life there comes a time for reviewing
For looking at WHO WE ARE
And what the future has in store
These times can be difficult and frightening
But they can also be exciting

Always remember that you are
A UNIQUE and a SPECIAL person
Treat every experience as a LESSON LEARNED
Never allow yourself to be carried away

Chart your journey and head for your destination
When you face with an obstacle
Don’t give up. Look for a way around it
Allah will always be with you.

You may feel a little down at that moment
But you must always know that
You are a WONDERFUL person
Whose advice and encouragement
Has helped others to succeed

You have within you the POWER
To be whatever you wish
All you need is the COURAGE
And the DETERMINATION to use it.

When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it
Open you arms to change but don’t give up your value



  1. Exactly as Allah creates we as human being complete with very special 'brain'. Made a mistakes not means we cannot turn back to correct it..

  2. nohas... kita tak boleh komen kat belog anda ler... kenapa ea?

  3. Mmm... Bila nak g aussie lg ek?


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