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Al-Quran: Summary of Juz 25

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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful ...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh...

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Semoga bermanfaat, Insya Allah.



The 25th Juz begins with verse 47 of Sûrah Hâ Mîm Sajdah and includes Sûrah Shura, Zukhruf, Dukhân and Jâthiya.

Allâh makes it clear that He is the only One Who knows when Qiyâmah will take place. 

Allâh then speaks of man's ingratitude when He says, "When We favour man, he is averse and turns away. But when hardship afflicts him, he becomes one of vast prayers." (verse 51, Sûrah Hâ Mîm Sajdah)
Those who doubt the advent of Qiyâmah should bear in mind that Allâh has the might to do as He pleases. 

Sûrah Shura begins after Sûrah Hâ Mîm Sajdah and Allâh tells the Mushrikîn that there is nothing astonishing about the fact that He teaches His book to the Ambiyâ via revelation. 

Allâh adds that the sins of the Mushrikîn are so grave that it would be no wonder if the severity of their sins should cause the sky to come crashing down on them. They are also warned that their abode shall be Jahannam where there will be none to assist them.

Allâh instructs Rasulullâh Sallallâhu 'alayhi wasallam to tell the people, "Say, 'I ask of you no recompense (for my preaching), save for the love between relatives` (verse 23). 
This obligatory love demands that the Kuffâr at least refrain from harming Rasulullâh Sallallâhu 'alayhi wasallam. 
Allâh will ensure that people are rewarded in full for their good acts.

 In verse 43 Allâh lauds the persevering people when He says, "Whoever will exercise patience and pardon, that will certainly be of the most resolute matters."

Allâh says further that it is inappropriate that He speaks directly to any human being. Allâh says, "It is only appropriate for a human that Allâh speaks to him by means of inspiration, or from behind a veil, or that He sends a Nabî who conveys the revelation by Allâh's command, as He pleases. Verily Allâh is Exalted, The Wise." (verse 51)

Sûrah Zukhruf follows Sûrah Shura. Allâh tells the Mushrikîn that they should not fool themselves by thinking that revelation of the Qur'ân will cease because of their disobedience and sins.
 Allâh has never stopped sending Ambiyâ, or revelation on account of the Kuffâr's evil. 

On the contrary, Allâh kept sending Ambiyâ with revelation, as a result of which the evil of the Kuffâr was crushed.

Allâh also stresses that He has no children and that none has the ability to intercede on behalf of those who have gone astray.

Sûrah Dukhân follows Sûrah Zukhruf as the 44th Sûrah of the Qur'ân. 

Allâh states, "We have revealed it (the Qur'ân) on a blessed night. Verily We are the Warners. 
The decision of every matter of wisdom is passed on this night as a command proceeding from Us." (verses 3-5)

Listening and reciting the Qur'ân draws Allâh's mercy on condition that a person has perfect conviction. 

Everything is within Allâh's kingdom and He alone gives life and death. 
When punishment overtakes people because of their sins, they cry out to Allâh saying, "O our Rabb! Remove this punishment from us and we will surely believe" (verse 12). However, when Allâh removes the punishment they do not take heed but revert to their former ways of disbelief.

 However, the Âkhirâh shall certainly arrive when they will be cast into Jahanham where "the tree of Zaqqûm shall be food for the sinful." (verse 43-44)

Sûrah Dukhân is followed by Sûrah Jâthiya where Allâh mentions many signs of His might. 
Among these are:
* the creation of man,
* the creation of the animals, 
*the alternation of night and day, 
*the flourishing of barren ground after rains, 
*the turning of the winds and 
*the sailing of the ships. All these phenomena are for man's benefit and will teach him about Allâh's greatness, if he takes the time to reflect.

The last two verses of the Sûrah declare: "All praise is for Allâh, the Rabb of the heavens and the earth; the Rabb of the universe. To Him belongs all majesty in the heavens and the earth; and He is The Mighty, The Wise." (verses 36-37)

May Allâh grant us the ability to recognise His Might and may He bless us with the wealth of conviction.


End of 25th Juzz.

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